Friday, 31 July 2015

Labour Leader Race

The voting for this contest will take place on September 12th which is still six weeks away and an extremely long time in politics, however the race seems to have been won already.

Last week I wrote about the beginning of the Jeremy Corbyn shock...

... and it seems worth fleshing out the details.

Jeremy Corbyn was added as a last minute entrant because someone else dropped out. Of course that should not go against him and so far it hasn't. On the contrary with the outburst in social media [Twitter for example] last week the charge that Jeremy Corbyn has made to the top spot is nothing short of phenomenal.

Hash tag pages such as #CorbynForLeader #JezWeCan #ToriesForCorbyn #CommiesForCorbyn have been instrumental in getting the word round, admittedly some are more humorous than supportive but they have all had their influence. This week has seen the unions start to back Jeremy Corbyn as his position solidifies.

But what do the people think?

It appears to me that the people think the other three clones for the centre ground did not get their message across at the general election last May and still seem to be outlying the same points now that there is no point in supporting them.

If Jeremy Corbyn wins in September will he have enough support to survive the first coup?

Monday, 27 July 2015

The Clintons

It now appears that the Clintons are cashing in on UK foreign aid!

The fact we are spending more and more on aid when we are massively in debt is bad enough, but when it is being tossed away for vanity reasons to ingratiate UK politicians with the rich and powerful in the US … I think most people would find that distasteful and unacceptable.

Tory backbenchers say the revelation is symptomatic of the fact that the DfID [Department for International Development] has so much money to spend that large amounts have to be simply handed to global charities, often leading to huge amounts of waste.

The Daily Mail has been investigating this story that some of the UK Foreign Aid budget has filtered through certain charities that the Clintons control and were employees are accepting over the top salaries of six figures, not to forget the management fees. The charity mentioned is Clinton Health Access Initiative, however DfID has said it does not fund the Clinton Foundation but it does fund the Clinton Health Access Initiative!

I am sure if the government were asked about this they would sweep any criticism away with a remark like 'we have great faith in the Clintons, I am sure there is nothing untoward going on here!'

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Infiltrated is the new black

Comrade Corbyn seems to have attracted Trotskyites who haven’t been involved in the party for years but appear to be mobilising into a highly organised force with the specific aim of getting Jeremy elected as the next Labour leader.

Of course part of this new influx of members, reported to be over 140,000 now, are conservatives who have forked out the mighty sum of £3.00 to ensure that they too support Comrade Corbyn. There are probably others who could not be classed as left now supporting Comrade Corbyn to squeeze out the middle of the roaders who can be seem to be clones.

The media seem to be transfixed on hard line lefties but what if there are people who are just fed up with Labour trying to hold the centre ground, which does not seem to have worked.

Also we cannot forget the near complete wipe out in Scotland where Labour lost 99% of their holding in one election. Have they held a Post-Mortem of May and if so why are they continuing with rhetoric that failed! Then there are the unions which are very good at moving large crowds in one direction.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Civil Service filing

Extraordinary documents found in the Cabinet Office clear out of files connected with historic child abuse cases has been found. The memos, found in a storeroom of “assorted and unstructured papers”, reveals one key paper from November 1986 from Sir Antony Duff, then director-general of MI5.

Writing to Sir Robert Armstrong, the cabinet secretary, about inquiries into an MP said to have “a penchant for small boys”, he says the spookmeister accepts the MP’s denial and adds: “At the present stage . . . the risks of political embarrassment to the government is rather greater than the security danger”.

Was that just the Establishment believing one of its own, combined with a now outdated attitude to child abuse?

Or was it part of a cover-up of the truth?

The cache of documents and correspondence also relates to senior Westminster figures such as Leon Brittan.

All will be handed over to Justice Lowell Goddard, who has ordered the whole of Whitehall against shredding or hiding any documents she may need for her new overarching inquiry.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

English Votes For English Laws

Yesterday's Government defeat in the Lords showed this is still a tricky area. But why should it be?

Why is this not automatic anyway in that all four countries in the UK can identify individual laws specific to one of the four countries and then be the only members to vote on it.

If this was not such a big issue I would have presumed that this was the norm, so I was surprised when this story started to gather pace last year during the Scottish referendum.

I realise that Scotland has a lesser parliament, but it is still a parliament and the Welsh and Irish have an assembly, however, they should still be able to be the only ones voting on their countries laws.

This whole point raises issues for me as I have said, if it was not mainstream news I would have assumed that it was happening anyway. Is the current system completely out of touch with every day business, or am I just naïve?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Labour leadership race

As each day passes it becomes clearer that Jeremy Corbyn [at the beginning the outsider, the invitee to make up the numbers and fill in the left space] is taking an immense lead over the other three.

Now is this a flook brought about by the numbers, or a protest, or a deliberate manipulation of the situation, or is this just what the Labour members want?

If the rumours are true there is already a plan to force a coup if Jeremy Corbyn wins. Unbelievable!

Sometimes bookies can be more accurate that the polls and the bookies are most definitely favouring Jeremy Corbyn at the moment. I must admit the vote will not happen until September so we have 6-8 weeks to go, but at the moment it seems quite clear.

On Newsnight last night [Tuesday 21st July] John McTernan [Labour Party political adviser] said "the Labour members who nominated Jeremy Corbyn are Morons". Now did he say this because of what was happening, i.e., Jeremy Corbyn in the lead, or did he mean it in the sense that there are a group of members who are desperate for the party to return to it's more left of centre roots? Perhaps over the coming days, this situation will become clearer.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Salary remark

They still do not get it, even though the PM David Cameron stood up in parliament and said "We get it."

Fair enough the comment was made after parliament had just voted 'no' to bombing Syria, even though the RAF today is helping in Syria, but that is a different story.

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood a foreign office minister on £90k a year has now apologised for his "watch the pennies" remark when responding to the announced 10% pay rise for MPs by the independent watchdog IPSA [Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority].

IPSA are still going ahead with this increase which will go into every pay packet and it is still unclear how many will or will not forward the increase to worthy charities. I suspect that Tobias Ellwood will not be extending the hand of friendship.

Last week Susie Boniface aka @fleetstreetfox took the bull by the horns and started a trend that was a huge success in getting followers to petition their MPs with the simple question "will you be accepting the 10% pay rise, or donating it to charity/local places in need?".

The response was very slow to start and then after a wile one or started to reply back that they would pass on the extra to charities. After a few days it was clear that very few would do the decent thing and pass on the pay rise.